Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

What items are you interested in?

At our auction house we are interested in collectibles mainly of Greek interest. Books, documents, photographs, maps, engravings, collectibles, latest engravings and works of art. Through our site you can browse our past live auction catalogues and get a taste of our work.
After contacting our offices, you can send a list of the items you have for sale, along with photos to make a first choice and set an appointment to see them in person.

How will the starting price be determined?

Our specialized staff with many years of experience in the field and knowledge of the market, determines the valuation price in cooperation with the seller. Scarcity, condition and market impact play a role in determining price.

I have a lot of stuff and I can't bring them to your place. Can you come to my place?

When the volume of things is large, there is a possibility for us to come to your place, always upon contact.

Why should I leave my stuff at your place?

The items we decide will enter the auction are received, photographed, described and made available in our space for inspection to potential buyers. In very rare cases, an item may remain in your possession until it is sold.

Will all the things I bring go to auction?

There is a possibility that one or more works/objects from those selected will not be included in the auction. These will be returned to you before the auction or with the auction clearance and you will be informed why they were not included.

Can I withdraw the item before the auction?

If the item you brought has been included in the list, in order to withdraw it you will have to pay 20 % of the average value of the estimate indicated in the list.

I want to sell the things I have immediately and not wait until the next auction. Are there ways?

In some cases, the items you bring may be purchased immediately or auctioned online. This will be judged by the type of items, the interest that may exist and the planning of online auctions.

What is your commission rate?

Our commission rate is 17% (excluding special agreements), to which VAT is added 24%.

What is the final amount I will receive for items sold?

The final amount you will receive is the award price minus 17% commission and 24% VAT on the commission amount.

How will I be informed if the item was sold at auction?

You can attend the live auction and see the result on the spot. If you can't be at the auction, you'll be notified the first week after the auction.

What if the item I brought is not sold?

Unsold items are available at the starting price for 30 days after the auction. If there is an offer below the starting price, then you are informed to decide whether or not you want to accept the offer. If the item remains unsold after 30 days, it is returned to the depositor within 45 days of the auction. The depositor must receive back the unsold items no later than 90 days after the auction.

When and how will I get paid?

Sellers' clearances take place within 45 days of the auction, if they have already been paid by the buyers. Payments are made to the bank account you will declare.