In 2006 Stavros Frattis, founder of the company, decided to radically change his career until then and turn his hobby into a profession. Through a shop on ebay he began to become known in collectible circles. He created the core of our team. In 2007 the first direct sales catalogue was published and at the end of 2008 the first live auction took place.

Our decision to expand into live auctions did not start from the ambition to create another auction house in Greece, but from the realization of the existence of a large gap in the space, which had to do with the relationship between quality and variety of material offered to collectors and book lovers.

Listening to the market's need for good material, good prices and reliable transactions, we have created a rich, illustrated catalogue in which one can see all products with the most accurate description possible.

The quality of the offered material was constantly upgraded from catalog to catalog and transparency and impeccable professionalism in our transactions brought the first fruits in our cooperation with sellers and buyers. All we had asked of you at the time was to trust us and respect our effort, promising you that we will never betray the trust you will show us.

Today, with the help of our close-knit team and your trust, with the fresh look of the next generation, we move forward, we are constantly renewed and developed, with new ideas, but always staying true to our values.

We invite you to browse our renewed website, where you will find bargains and rare collectibles through our live, online auctions and online store.

Our Activity

In our house you will find rare collectibles, antiques, works of art, rare books, archival and photographic material etc.

With the experience of so many years, we organize and conduct auctions live, but also online, at regular intervals. In the rich catalogues of our auctions you will find a plethora of collectibles mainly of Greek interest. The process is characterized by transparency and professionalism.

We have an online store (Eshop) with products that are frequently renewed. You will find good prices, offers and suggestions. You can visit us in our physical store, which is of special aesthetics, make your purchases or receive your order and get to know each other in person.

Where we are

Our headquarters are located in the area of Sepolia. We chose and invested in this district of the Municipality of Athens for the feeling of "neighborhood" it offers. A few minutes away from Syntagma via metro, but far enough away from the crowds of the Athenian center.

Our offices, auction hall and physical store are located on Lambovou Street, easily accessible by:

  • Metro (500 meters from Sepolia station)
  • Bus (100 meters from Children's Playground bus lines 732 and 892)
  • Car (200 meters from Rossiniol bridge on Kifissos Avenue)